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"Towards the true wellbeing of bees – a joint effort of science and practice”

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Europe - the heart of world beekeeping

The biggest beekeeping event of the year is behind us. On the 20th and 21st of November in Krakow, Poland, the 8th European Beekeeping Conference took place. Having its beginning in 2012, so far, it has been organized only stationary in European countries.

Due to the current epidemiological situation, the congress has gained a completely new online format, thanks to which beekeeping enthusiasts from all over the world could join the event.

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The conference will be fully translated into Polish, English, Russian and French

The Beekeeping Company Tomasz Łysoń, which is the official partner of the 8th European Beekeeping Conference, cordially invites you to the first such international beekeeping event BEECOME 2021.

12 speakers
Free registration
Discussion panel
virtual stands
-Full HD quality

The European Beekeeping Congress BEECOME is one of the biggest events of the European beekeeping industry, appreciated for years by the leading authorities in the field of beekeeping. This year's partner of the Beecome Congress is the company LYSON - one of the largest manufacturers of modern beekeeping equipment, representing Polish beekeeping, which has a significant place in the European apiary market. The Beecome 2021 conference is an excellent opportunity to share experience and knowledge among the most qualified scientists, beekeeping associations, veterinarian representatives and beekeeping organizations from all over the world.

The initiative was established in 2012 in France as a response to the still growing interest in the beekeeping economy. The founders of the European Beekeeping Congress BEECOME are: Henri Clement – president of the Union Nationale de l'Apiculture Française (UNAF), Etienne Bruneau - Centre Apicole de recherche et Information (CARI) and Karl-Rainer Koch - European Professional Beekeeper Association (EPBA).

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Założyciel wykładowca BeeCome

- Where did the idea to organise the European Beekeeping Congress BEECOME come from?

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BEECOME 2021 ONLINE CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (Central European Standard Time GMT +1)

First day of lectures November 20, 2021 - SATURDAY

1:00 pm - Start of the conference BEECOME 2021 ONLINE – PART I
1:15 pm - New challenges for beekeeping: climate change and bee welfareEtienne Bruneau (watch the video 02-04-2022)  + More
2:00 pm - Results of the B-RAP surveyLotta Fabricius, Linde Morawetz (watch the video)  + More
3:00 pm - Results of the European-wide Genotype-Environment interaction ExperimentDr. Fani Hatjina (watch the video 20-04-2022)  + More
3:45 pm - Is it possible to breed bees with varroa resistance traits?dr hab. Małgorzata Bieńkowska (watch the video)  + More
4:40 pm - Sponsored lecture - LYSON (watch the video 13-04-2022)  + More
5:10 pm - The threat of Vespa velutina for EuropeProf. Aulo Manino (watch the video)  + More
6:00 pm - Bee diseases versus climate changedr n. wet., lek. wet. Anna Gajda (watch the video)  + More
7:00 pm - Etienne Bruneau, Tadeusz Dylon, Robert Chlebo, dr hab. Małgorzata Bieńkowska, prof. Jerzy Wilde, Lotta Fabricius, dr Piotr Mędrzycki, Tomasz Łysoń - discussion panel: „Sustainable beekeeping and the welfare of bees” (watch the video 06-04-2022)  + More
8:00 pm - The end of I PART

Second day of lectures November 21, 2021 - SUNDAY

1:00 pm - Start of the conference BEECOME 2021 ONLINE – PART II
1:15 pm - The marketing of bees - easy or difficult? European Union (EU) regulations and OIE guidelines for the marketing of bees within and outside the EUlek. wet. Andrzej Bober (watch the video 23-04-2022)  + More
2:00 pm - The case of organic beekeeping in Poland and its future prospects.dr hab. Dariusz Gerula (watch the video)  + More
3:00 pm - Beekeeping in Slovenia, an example of sustainability and successDr. Peter Kozmus (watch the video 23-03-2022)  + More
3:45 pm - The beekeeping sector in Polanddr Piotr Semkiw (watch the video)  + More
4:40 pm - Sponsored lecture – DULCOFRUCT (watch the video 16-04-2022)  + More
5:10 pm - How pesticides endanger sustainable beekeepingdr Piotr Mędrzycki (watch the video 26-03-2022)  + More
6:00 pm - Honey bee pheromones as cognitive agents: an unsuspected role beyond intraspecific communicationProf. Dr. Martin Giurfa (watch the video 30-03-2022)  + More
7:00 pm - Etienne Bruneau, Tadeusz Dylon, Robert Chlebo, dr hab. Małgorzata Bieńkowska, prof. Jerzy Wilde, Dr. Fani Hatjina, Tomasz Kammel, Tomasz Łysoń - discussion panel „The evolution of beekeeping through the centuries. From education to innovation” (watch the video 09-04-2022)  + More
8:00 pm - The end of II PART


Tomasz Łysoń Beekeeping Company has been on the market since 1995. It has been a world leader in the production of beekeeping equipment with distribution in over 70 countries for years.

The company specialises in the production of polysterene hives, honey extractor, devices for creaming, uncapping, dosing honey and others.

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